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Torrance Tidbits

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What’s living by the beach if you don’t have the freshest seafood in the country? Jolly Oyster Market controls the entire process from their farms to your table, crafting a sustainable (and delicious) oyster at this beloved local restaurant.

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Actress and activist Bo Derek was born in Torrance in 1956. Perhaps best known for her breakout role in “10”, which turned her into the bombshell icon that ruled the 80’s.


Chuck Norris: Martial artist, actor, launcher of a thousand memes, local boy done good (North High, class of ‘58). Norris opened his first dojo in Torrance in 1962. He’s been roundhouse kicking his way into infamy ever since.

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Spike Jonze crafted and starred in the 1999 music video for Fatboy Slim. In the video, the fictional Torrance Community Dance Group has a flash mob performance in front of a movie theater for the unsuspecting ticket buyers. It was voted the no. 1 music video of all time at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of MTV. Not bad, fictional Torrance-based dance crew. Not bad at all.

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Whether you’re shopping for traditional Asian groceries, or looking for a cultural immersion without needing an airplane, Mitsuwa Marketplace has steamed buns, Japanese veggies and some of the best grocery store sushi imaginable.


The Torrance Farmers’ Market has amazing foods, fresh produce, and sushi-grade fresh fish. This pride of Torrance can be found on foot every Tuesday and Saturday.


Los Arboles Rocketship Park boasts some of the best views of the LA Basin. On a clear day you can see the Hollywood sign. Also, they have a rocketship. Best. Park. Ever.


Torrance is full of amazing breweries; Phantom Carriage, Smog City, Monkish Brewery and the Strand Brewery. Gather your crew and enjoy the local pub crawl.

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